Two years ago, Belgian doctors told Sam Six they couldn’t do anything more for his daughter: The 7-year-old was functionally blind in her right eye.

But the diagnosis wasn’t acceptable to the resident of Wervik, Belgium, a town about an hour west of Brussels. Instead, Six spent five days on the Internet searching for a way to correct his daughter Nikki’s eye, which was turning out of its normal line of vision.

The search led him to

Only doctors licensed by the government – usually tied to traditional surgery techniques – are allowed to treat cases like Nikki’s legally, Six said. He hopes he can raise awareness to get some of those doctors to change their treatments, and help get legal visual therapists established.

In the meantime, Nikki continues to progress in her therapy to gain full use of her sight.

After a year and a half of training, she had a break through – Nikki was able to bring her eye in line to see a 3-D picture of a fly. For the first time, she experienced depth-perception and the fly seemed to jump off the page.

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